How to Play
  • Q: The app crashes before I can read the story
    This app requires a lot of memory to run. To ensure optimal gameplay, please close other apps currently running. If that does not fix the issue, try the following 4 points: ①Push the home button twice, touch the X to force close the app, then open it again. (Procedure may differ depending on OS) ②Tap and hold the icon of the app on your device's home screen, then touch the X to delete (uninstall) the app. ③Re-install the app from the App Store. ④If this does not solve the problem, try ①, ② and ③ again after updating to the recommended OS.
  • Q: Nothing happens when I tap the screen
    Please follow these steps to fix your problem: ①Push the home button twice, touch the X to force close the app, then open it again. (Procedure may differ based on OS) ②Turn off your device, restart it and then re-open the app. ③If this does not solve the problem, delete unnecessary photos and apps to create more free space, then try ① and ② again.
  • Q: There's no sound while I'm playing
    Please check to make sure your device is not on silent mode. If this does not solve the problem, turn off your device, restart it and then launch the app again.
  • Q: The vibrations don't work during the story
    ⇒First, check to see if vibration is turned on in your device's settings. Follow the steps below. ①Go to "Settings", then "Sounds". ②Under Vibrate, turn on "Vibrate on Ring". *Settings may differ based on your OS version. If yours are different, consult your user's manual.
  • Q: If I use Hearts to make a selection in a Love Choice story, will I have to use Hearts again to make the same choice whenever I reread the story?
    Choices made with Hearts remain unlocked even during repeated readings. When you make choices using Hearts in Love Choice stories, you can make the same choice again without using Hearts during your next playthrough.
  • Q: I can't save images.
    It's possible that your device is preventing you from accessing the images. ①Go to "Settings"?EPrivacy"?E"Photos"?E"Target App" and adjust the settings accordingly.
  • Q: What can't I buy individual episodes for certain stories?
    Certain stories (i.e. stories with 3 episodes or less, part of the Choice Awards/Election, voiced stories, etc.) must be bought altogether, rather than in pieces.
  • Q: Why can't I just buy the characters I like from certain stories?
    You can only buy episodes in the order they appear in the story.
  • Q: What's the star mark that appears inside the title list and inside various titles?
    It's the Bookmark feature. If you bookmark a title, you can now access it easily by tapping on "Bookshelf" on the menu bar and then going to "Favorites.
  • Q: What's the "Favorites" part of the Bookshelf?
    If you tap on the star mark inside the title list and inside of the various titles, you can keep track of all of your favorite titles by adding them to your "Favorites".
  • Q: What's the "Currently Reading" section of the Bookshelf?
    The stories you've purchased but haven't read until the end will be listed. Once you read them to the end, they’ll disappear from the list again. *Love Choice stories not included.
  • Q: What's the "Continue Reading" pop-up that appears on the HOME screen?
    Only one of the stories that you haven't finished reading will appear as a pop-up. If you have more than one unread story, the most recent one will be shown.
  • Q: I want to get rid of the "Continue Reading" pop-up. What should I do?
    Go to "Profile & Settings". You can use "Continue Reading Pop-up ON/OFF" there to adjust settings on the pop-up.
  • Q: What's the "Notifications" feature in Profile & Settings do?
    Not only can you turn off/on push notifications for all of Love 365, but you can also choose to get information on new stories for each title, campaigns, and special features for Monthly Access Pass members with this feature. *Please make sure your device's notifications are set to ON to use this feature after setting it inside Love 365.
  • Q: What does the “By Price?Etab mean in the Special Stories section?
    This tab organizes Special Stories by price. Select a price to make searching for stories easier..
  • Q: A “Limited Time Sale?Esuddenly popped up. What is this?
    When you’ve met certain requirements within the app, a timed sale will randomly appear for you. Keep in mind that this sale is a one-time-only deal. Once the offer is gone, it’s gone for good.
  • Q: How do I check on my timed sales?
    If you have activated a timed sale, a Timed Sale icon will appear on the bottom right corner of the Home screen. You can check what story is on sale and/or purchase the story by either tapping on the Timed Sale icon or going to the story list. *The story will return to its original price once the clock runs out on the Timed Sale. *These timed sales only last for a set period of time and will not reappear, so please act fast.
  • Q: What's the "Change Skins" feature in Profile & Settings do?
    You can press the Apply button to choose a skin you'd like to change to appearance of the inside of the app. You can change as many times as you'd like for free, so have fun finding your favorite new look♪
  • Q: I can't proceed past the loading screen.
    Try again in a place with a stronger signal.
  • Q: I can't save CGs from free stories.
    CGs obtained from free stories can't be saved. This isn't a glitch - thanks for your understanding. *You can get CGs by purchasing stories even if they are currently being offered for free.
  • Q: How do I get bonuses from Early Clear or other campaigns?
    Go to the Present Box at the top of the home screen. You can accept your bonuses from various titles or Love 365 campaigns by going to the appropriate banner there.
  • Q: What is the Collector’s Edition?
    The Collector’s Edition is a copy of a Love Choice story that you can read without wait times from any episode of your choice!
  • Q: How do I get the Collector’s Edition?
    You can receive the Collector’s Edition of a story by meeting the indicated requirements during a Collector’s Edition campaign. The Collector’s Edition will be unlocked once the campaign is over. -Things to keep in mind- When transferring from one device to another, Heart choices will not be transferred over.
Issues While Playing
  • Q: What is the "End Completion Bonus"?
    The End Completion Bonus will be unlocked when both endings are cleared.
  • Q: When is the love meter reset?
    The love meter is reset by reading the first chapter, so please be careful.
  • Q: What is the ending set with a special bonus?
    It's a special set that comes with three things: both & endings available, the special movie (without ads), and a special story. You can enjoy the other ending and the special movie right away without having to play through the Main Story again. This is also the only way to read the special story.
  • Q: What is the meter displayed at the start of the story?
    The meter shows that particular character's love for you. The meter changes depending on the choices you make in the story. * It doesn't display at the start of the final chapter.
  • Q. What’s a "Start-up Voices" (located in Volume Settings)?
    Start-up Voices" are the Japanese voices that play when you open the app. You can change the volume for them on the Settings page.
  • Q: What is the "Download Story" button that appears after I've purchased a story?
    You do not need to tap this button in order to read your story, but the "Download Story" button will shorten load times, allowing you to read the story faster. *This option does NOT enable you to play in a setting without Wi-fi or other internet connection. *Once you have downloaded a story, it cannot be deleted from within the app.
  • Q: What is "Cache Clear" in the Settings tab, exactly?
    Tapping "Cache Clear" will clear your app of all the stories you've "downloaded" using the Download Story button. You cannot select specific stories when clearing your cache.
How to Buy Points
  • Q: I bought Coins, but the game doesn't reflect that.
    Please contact us using the "Contact Us" page located at the top of your screen. [Hours] Weekdays 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Japan Standard Time. No service on weekends and (Japanese) holidays *Inquiries made after hours will be replied to starting on the next business day. *Please be advised that we may not respond to opinions and requests.
  • Q: The purchase Coins button is gray and I can't purchase anything.
    When you have reached the maximum amount of Coins available for purchase, the button will gray out, and you will be unable to purchase more. ※The maximum amount of purchasable Coins depends on the number of stories available and the total number of Coins needed for purchase.
Changing Devices and Data Transfer
  • Q: I forgot to register my account. Can I still transfer my data?
    Unfortunately, you won't be able to transfer data if you haven't registered your account. Please make sure you register your account before you change devices or uninstall the app.
  • Q: I'm thinking about changing devices. What should I know?
    You can transfer your data when going from Android to Android and from iPhone to iPhone. ①Before changing devices, be sure to set up your e-mail address, password, and check the "Register transfer data" box ready for the apps you're playing now. ②After changing devices, please enter your transfer information to recover your data.
  • Q: I’m having trouble transferring my account!
    Please make sure that the password you enter matches the one you registered exactly (including capital and lowercase letters in the proper places.) If you are connected to Facebook, you must stay logged in to Facebook on your old device when you transfer data over to your new device.
  • Q: I've changed my device, but how do I transfer my data?
    How to Transfer Dat【Data Transfer、E①On the app start-up page, tap the "Transfer Data" button on the bottom of the page. ②In the data entry form, enter the password & ID you created on your previous app (or you can transfer data through a linked Facebook account). ③Tap the "Transfer" button ※Voltage Inc. will be unable to locate any lost or forgotten IDs or passwords, so PLEASE keep your information somewhere secure.
  • Q: Can I own multiple accounts and play on both?
    Technically, yes, but we do NOT recommend it. It is best to have one account per player. Reason being, if you (for example) transfer account#1 to account#2, you will no longer have access to account#2. Your data will be combined and all of your stories will be merged into one account (in the example above, it would be merged into account#1), but you will no longer be able to access the account you transferred and we will be unable to restore it for you.
  • Q: What data merges when I transfer one account into another?
    1. Purchased Coins (Will not transfer when moving between Apple and Android/other OS, or vice versa.) 2. Hearts (Will not transfer when moving between Apple and Android/other OS, or vice versa.) 3. Stories 4. Illustrations/CGs 5. Campaigns 6. BGM 7. Campaign Movies *Regarding choices unlocked using Hearts for Love Choice stories: When transferring from two separate devices, only the choices unlocked by one device will carry over after transfer.
  • Q: I'm changing from iPhone to another service provider (or vice versa). Can I transfer my data?
    Yes, you can. But All free/paid Coins and Hearts will be lost when transferring to a different operating system [iPhone⇔Another service provider].
  • Q: I transferred between two devices using the same OS, but my Coins and Hearts still disappeared!
    Even with devices using the same OS (for example, a transfer between two Android devices,) any FREE Coins will not be transferred. 
  • Q: Can I back up my data in another way besides the Transfer Data system?
    Do NOT use the backup data in your iTunes or iCloud backups. Even for non-iOS devices, your account data cannot be saved directly to your device, so please register with the Transfer Data system to make sure that your account is safe.
  • Q: I forgot my password and email account.
    We cannot help with inquiries regarding forgotten a password and e-mail account, so please make careful note of your IDs.
About Monthly Access Pass
  • Q: I can't receive stories.
    To read story you need to tap purchase button then little pop up come, which says purchase or exchange so please choose whichever you would like to. Also, Pass Holders can receive 3 stories per month, and will be unable to acquire more through the plan. *Restrictions apply. *Leftover Passes from the previous month can be saved for later use (up to 5)
  • Q: How do I become a member?
    You can become a Monthly Access Member by going to Menu > Shop > Monthly Access Pass. *Membership will last for a month after the day of purchase.Example: If you joined on 8/22, you'll be a member from 8/22 - 9/22. *If you don't cancel your membership within 24 hours of expiration, it will be automatically renewed the next month. *There might be a short delay between the time you are charged and the time you show as having been made a member.
  • Q: My stories tickets should have been restored this month but haven't yet.
    Sometimes there might be a delay between when your account is charged and when your story tickets refresh. After the charge has gone through, your membership will be refreshed automatically, so please wait for a while and try restarting the app.
  • Q: I signed up for a Monthly Access Pass but it still says I'm not a pass holder.
    If the change isn't being reflected in your app, remove the cache off your device. Once you've done that, open the app again, and tap "Restore Monthly Access Pass". Also, please check your History (available at the top of the Profile & Settings page).
  • Q: After I've gotten my three monthly stories, can I still purchase more stories with Coins?
    Yes. After you've used up all three stories, you can purchase more stories with Coins.
  • Q: Can I get the Ending Sets with my Monthly Access Pass?
    No. Ending Sets cannot be acquired with the Monthly Access Pass; they can only be purchased with Coins.
  • Q: I want to cancel my Monthly Access Pass, but I don't know how.
    Go to [info]→[Purchase Coins]→[About Monthly Access Pass]
  • Q: What happens if I cancel my membership?
    After you cancel your membership and pass your next renewal date, any story tickets you haven't yet exchanged will expire. The counter for how long you have been a member will reset, too. Your "VIP Room" Affection level will reset a month after canceling, as well.
  • Q: When is my renewal date for Monthly Access Plan membership?
    A month after the time and date you joined. EX: Joined 8/22 (3:00 PM) > Renewed 9/22 (3:00 PM)
  • Q: My membership was canceled without me doing anything to cancel it.
    There may have been an error with your account being charged. You might not have registered a credit card/payment method to allow for automatic withdrawals. Please check your device's payment settings. *Payment settings aren't located inside the app - please check your Google/Apple account to view them.
  • Q: I've changed devices. How do I become a Monthly Access Pass member again?
    Go to Menu > Shop > Monthly Access Pass > Restore Monthly Access Pass to restore your membership. *If your Google/Apple account remains the same, you can continue your membership by transferring your account data.
About Hearts
  • Q: I purchased Hearts, but they're not showing up in my app.
    Please contact us using the "Contact Us" page located at the top of your screen. [Hours] Weekdays 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Japan Standard Time. No service on weekends and (Japanese) holidays *Inquiries made after hours will be replied to starting on the next business day. *Please be advised that we may not respond to opinions and requests.
  • Q: Where can I use my Hearts?
    You can use Hearts for the following features: 1: Love Choice stories. 2: Secret Door. 3: VIP Room Event
  • Q: How do I earn Hearts?
    You can acquire Hearts with the following methods: 1: Purchase Hearts in the Shop. 2: Clear a character’s Season 1 Main Story. You will not receive Hearts if you have not completed the Ending(s). You will receive Hearts for each Ending you complete.
About Contacting Us
  • Q: I read through the FAQ, but I'm still having trouble. How do I get in contact with you?
    ⇒Please contact us through the [Contact Us] button at the very bottom of the FAQ page. [Hours] Weekdays 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Japan Standard Time. No service on weekends and (Japanese) holidays *Inquiries made after hours will be replied to starting on the next business day. *Please be advised that we may not respond to opinions and requests.
About the 'Missions'
  • Q: I can't clear the "Transfer Account" Mission under "Beginner Missions"!
    If you set up a transfer account before the Missions function was implemented on 4/24/2018, then please enter a new password/email combination. Make sure to save your new password/transfer account somewhere secure. **We are not responsible for lost/forgotten transfer accounts.
  • Q: If I read the final episode of a free story, will it count towards my Mission goals?
    Yes, reading through a free story will count towards your goal.
  • Q: If I only buy one character's episodes in a Special Story, will that count towards my Mission goals? (Ex: If a Special Story has five characters, and I only purchase the first character's episodes, etc.)
    No. Buying individual chapters will not count. You must tap "Purchase All Episodes" before the story will count towards your Missions. Once you have purchased the entire story, read the final episode of any character and the story will be counted towards your goal.
  • Q: If I read both endings to a story, will it be counted twice?
    No. Even if you complete both endings, the story will only be counted once.
  • Q: I can't clear the "Notification Mission" Mission!
    Please try turning your PUSH notifications OFF and ON once more to clear the conditions and receive your Coins.
  • Q: I re-subscribed to the Monthly Access Pass and my “Be a monthly pass holder for x months” mission reset. Why is that?
    A: The “Be a monthly pass holder for x months” refers to the amount of months you have been subscribed in a row. Therefore, if there is an interruption in payment, the count will reset to the first month. Ex. 10/10 months > subscription stopped > Mission reset to 1/10 months.